What will I feel?
Some people feel and perceive more acutely than others. Some people can feel their own internal hum and others are not aware of it. However, everyone has had “the person in the room” syndrome whereupon you “sense” someone in the room even if you did not hear him/her enter. Even if you do not feel anything, energy is always vibrating and changing as that is its inherent nature and it affects you. There is more to you than meets the eye.

How long does it take before I am healed?
Change happens when you become more aware of, acknowledge and experience your own inner strengths and wholeness. This has powerful and lasting positive effects on your physical body, your thought processes, your emotional well-being and your spiritual life. The pronouncement of “healed” is entirely yours.

What if I have a general feeling of discomfort inside me and can’t articulate what is wrong with me.  Can a Radiant Healing session still be helpful?
Some people have a very clear idea of what is bothering them and others have a more general feeling of discomfort or malaise. The benefit of Radiant Healing is that it uncovers the source of the discomfort or malaise and provides a positive way to ameliorate it. Whether you enter with clarity or a with a vague sense that something is just not right, the results are the same – a greater awareness and sense of yourself and an alleviation of discomfort.

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